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Harbor Rail Services Company provides quality railcar repair, FRA inspection, cleaning, pre-trip
service, and other equipment maintenance programs. Our current customers include Class I rail-
roads, short lines, regional railroads, railcar owners, and shippers.

We have been in the railroad business since 1986 and have an outstanding track record of quality
and performance. As a designated running repair agent for several railroads, our teams perform
full yard inspections and repairs in accordance with FRA standards and AAR rules and regulations.

Harbor Rail Services Company is an extremely flexible organization. We will set up a fast track repair location to accommodate your specific needs in less than 30 days. At our existing fast track repair locations throughout the country, our crews perform extensive body, rack and internal repairs to a
large volume of railcars every year. Our equipment maintenance programs keep priority fleets
moving and prevent unnecessary re-shops.
Safety is our first priority.
We maintain rigorous safety
standards and enforce them
with regular workplace obser-
vations and strong team lead-

We are continuously looking
for ways to improve the safety
of our operations.
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